...Lukovdol, Veliki Jadrc, Severin na Kupi - Gorski kotar

Posted by: Ferdinand Talan on January 12, 2000

Name 1: Muretic
Name 2: Spehar
Location: Lukovdol

Anyone looking for people with the following surnames from villages that belong to the parish in Lukovdol.
The surnames are as follows:
Despot, Hasan, Muretic, Spehar, Stiglic, Talan family from 1850-1955 (Stefanec, Zagorija and Zagreb) 1910-1957 (Gorski Kotar) 1957-1981 (Vrbica, Slavonija), Tomac, Vrbanac.

Posted by: Otto Sutej on December 19, 2001

Name 1: Sutej
Name 2: Babic
Location: Lukovdol

My name is Otto Sutej - Iwas born in the little village of Zaumol which is on your way from Lukovdol to Plemenitas. My dad Stefan Sutej was born in Plemenitas and my mom is a Babic from Lukovdol. She was the daughter of John Babic who imigrated to America in early 1910 with his brother Tom Babic.

We left home for Austria in 1944 and imigrated to America in 1949 - I was twelve years old when we arrived in Omaha, Nebraska and we have lived here since.
I have two brothers Stefanand John (Ivica).

I have visited my birtplace twice, 1980 and 1997, and I don't see much difference now, but I hope they elect people that will put country before their personal agenda.

l know the following people: Spehar, Vrbanac, Babic, Stefanac, and many more.
Otto Sutej, Omaha

Posted by: Janet Pavlak on September 5, 2002

I am working on the ARBANAS name from Male Drage and Kovacic from Lukovdol. They went to Colorado to work in the mines in the late 1890's.

Posted by: Trisha Bell on October 10, 2002

I'm trying to find Vrbanac in the Severin and Jadrc areas pre 1900.
Any help would be appreciated. Any ideas where to write for parish family information??

Posted by: Constance on September 9, 2003

Name 1: Despot
Name 2: Canjar
Location: Lukovdol

Looking for church records Sv.Marija u Lukovdolu; family name Despot.
Grandmother married Adam Canjar, grandfather
I would like to know more of Anna Despot and I cannot locate records from church. Canjar family are still in Mali Jadrc. Probably married 1905-1910. She died in about 1916 or 17

Posted by: Tom Duffy on September 23, 2003

Looking for information on Theresa Verbanac, born c.1883, emigrated to US c.1897.

Katolicka Crkva - Rijecka Nadbiskupija
Zupni ured
Lukovdol 31
51328 Lukovdol
Tel: ++385/51/871243

Baptisticka Crkva - Severin na Kupi
Severin na Kupi 9a
51329 Severin na Kupi

Primorsko-goranska Zupanija
Ispostava VRBOVSKO

Ulica Dobra 4
51326 Vrbovsko
Tel: ++385/51/875112; 875106; 875-010
Fax: ++385/51/875126


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