Posted by: Joan Pipich on November 24, 2001

Name 1: Ivan Pipic
Name 2: Francis Siranovic
Location: Croatia

I am interested in finding any living descendants of Ivan Pipic whose spouse was Francis Siranovic. Circa 1850-1870.
Known children were Tomo, Matija, Ljuba and more. The spelling of these children's names may not be accurate. Son, Tomo, was born in St. Martin, Croatia, March 23, 1883. He came to US in 1903.
Anxious to learn more!



Posted by: Tom Plavak on February 28, 2002 - Family Search

Name 1: Stjepan Plavetic
Name 2: Milka Oreskovic
Location: Svarica; Kurusary

Arrived: May 21, 1906 Age: 32y Ship: Pannonia Departure point: Carnaro, Triest, Austria
Arrived: March 18, 1913 age: 27y Ship: Alice Departure: Triest, Austria, Austria-Hungary

These are my grand parents the data is from the files at Ellis island. Any information on other relatives in Croatia would be greatly appreciated.



Posted by: Solange Plenkovic on December 10, 2002

Name 1: Luka Plenkovic; Petar Plenkovic
Name 2: Vice Dobrosic
Location: Svirce, Hvar island, Croatia

Luka was born on 27 january, 1885, in Svirce, Hvar island, Croatia. Sometime between 1890 and 1901 he emigrated along with his brother Petar Plenkovic, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lived 'till the day of his death.
Their parents were Vice Dobrosic and Ivan Plenkovic.



Posted by: Ron Ples on May 27, 2001

Name 1: Stjepan Ples; Steve Ples
Name 2: Luja Spehar
Location: Slunj, Croatia

Born in Slunj, Croatia, around 1885

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Cross Ref check: Lukovdol


...Plese; Pleshe

Posted by: Bob Plese on July 14, 2001

Name 1: Plese; Pleshe
Name 2: Stefmincic
Location: Crni Lug

Marina, Just in case your brother still has that book...
My Grandfather, George (Jure?) Plese (born 1865). Than emigrated from Crni Lug just before the turn of the last century. My grand mother's maiden name was Marija Stefmincic. My uncles were George, John, Joseph, (dad was Louis). Aunts were Mary, Dorine, Francis, Irene.
Hummer Pleshe (I changed the last name to coincide with the pronunciation and now use "Hummer" as a nick name. :-) )

Posted by: Dana (Pleshe) Lepold on November 23, 2001

Name 1: Ivan Plese
Name 2: Veronika Ruzic
Location: Stari Laz

Looking for information about my great grandparents, Ivan Plese and wife Veronika Ruzic, children Stjepan and Slavko, from Stari Laz. Immigrated to US 1904-1907. Eventually settled in IL and had other children Mary, Veronica, and Ann. May have gone to Joliet and Mount Olive IL first. Also has (unknown) relatives in MI.
Thank you


...Plovanic; Plovanich

Posted by: D Plovanic on January 24, 2003

Name 1: John F. Plovanic; Plovanich
Name 2: Marija Mazor
Location: Bribir

I am searching for ancestors of John F. Plovanic born in Bribir, Croatia in 1879. Married Marija Mazor who was born in Bribir, 1880.


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