...Starcevich; Budicelic

Posted by: Linda Starcevich on February 25, 2001

Name 1: Paul Starcevic
Name 2: Mary Budicelic / Budoscelli
Location: Lic - Croatia

I am looking for my family tree originating from Lic - Croatia.
My Great Grandfather was Paul Starcevic, a farmer who married Mary Budicelic / Budoscelli and they had 7 children:-
Josip (my grandfather), Anton, Jure (George), Boze (Bob), Vinko (Vince), Ivan and Barbra.

Josip came out to Australia about 1909 and married Gertrude Waters from Dunkirk-Kent-England. They had ten children:-
Joseph, Mabel, Leslie Thomas, Ivan, George, Allan, Arthur Robert (my father), David, Stanley and Mary Patricia.

Looking for anyone who may be related to my grandfather who are still living in Croatia or any other information that you may have regarding the Starcevic family tree.
Linda Starcevich

Webmistress' comment

Check the entries at Grubisic as well as Starkovich for any possible connections

Posted by: packyd@peoplestelecom.net - November 29, 2000

Name 1: Ivka Starchevic
Name 2: Viktor Crnic
Location: Mrkopalj, Croatia

Have Ivka Starchevic born 2/22/1892 in Mrkopalj, Croatia, Yugoslavia married to Viktor Crnic. Sailed from La Havre Fr. to NYC via ship St.Paul. Arrived 11/13/1907.
Any connection?

Posted by: Beverly Stimac on April 5, 2002

Name 1: Josefina Starcevich Papich Stimac
Name 2: Petar (Tita) Stimac
Location: Croatia

I'm looking for information about Josefina Starcevich Papich Stimac who married Petar (Tita) Stimac who settled in Numa Iowa. They joined The National Croatian Society of the United States on June 2, 1913. Petar died April 16, 1934. Buried in Appanoose County, Iowa.

Posted by: Robert D. Peterson on October 25, 2003

Name 1: Jacob Starcevic
Name 2: Petar (Tita) Stimac
Location: Fiume, Austria / Rijeka, Croatia

I am searching for information relating to Jacob STARCEVIC, with several variations in spelling.

According to family oral history, Jacob STARCEVIC was born on May 10, 1878 in Austria. At the approximate age of 15 years, he stowed away on a vessel and arrived in America at the Port of Port Royal, South Carolina or the Port of Savannah, Georgia in 1893.
He lived in Savannah, Georgia, until his death on July 8, 1943. He was naturalized in 1898 in Savannah, Georgia at which time he adopted the name of Marion Francis PETERSON.
Marion Francis PETERSON married Margaret Fulton (Maggie) BLASE on November 15, 1906 in Savannah, Georgia.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information relating to this individual.
Your cooperation and assistance will be appreciated.

Robert D. Peterson
e-mail address: rpeter8370@AOL.com


...Starkovich; Milholovich

Posted by: Edward Tompkins on July 03, 1999

Name 1: Starkovich
Name 2: Milholovich
Location: Rijeka, Croatia; Letcha, Yugoslavia

I have several old post cards that my grandmother gave to me. I can't remember what she said about them. One card had "Fuzine - Gorski Kotar". I think my grandmother and grandfather came from that area. My grandfather was born in Letcha, Yugoslavia - his last name is Starkovich.

My grandmother was born in Fumia, Yugoslavia and her last name was Milholovich. I am having a hard time finding information on my family - they both came to the US in 1906.

I hope you can be some help to me or give me some directions on who to contact. I would be happy to send you a copy of my post card. I do wish someone can read english.
Thank you to anyone who can help me.

Posted by: Jacob Starkovich on December 14, 1999

Name: Jack and Josephine Starkovich (Starcevic)
Location: Croatia

I'm looking for Starkovich's stemming from Jack and Josephine Starkovich (Starcevic) in Dawson, Raton New Mexico. They had 11 children. Georgina, Josephine Lilian (Curgus), Mary, Catherine, Georgina (Valko), Dave, Phil, Joseph, Anna (Buster), Gertrude (Johnson), Eva (McCarty).

Webmistress' comment

Some more details, whatever available, would be helpful ...... for starters, is it certain those names haven't been modified?
Around Fuzine there is a fair amount of reference to families Starcevich, and Mihaljevich, but none about Starkovich or Milholovich.

Posted by: Linda on July 31, 2001

My sister and I have been researching the family - I am aware of the different family spellings - my grandparents lived in Iowa. They lived in the Chicago and Washington state area before buying a farm in Iowa. They had 6 boys. Three are still living and in their 80's.
Please share your connection - we want to find out more.
Sorry for the delay - Linda



Posted by: John Stefanac on May 14, 2002

Name: Stefanac
Location: Vrbovsko

My ancestry on my father's side is from Vrbovsko which is in Gorski Kotar. And the name is Stefanac

Webmistress' comment

Cross Ref check: Lukovdol


...Stiblo; Styblo

Posted by: Annette on September 25, 2003 - Stiblo/Styblo family near Ivanovo Selo

Name 1: Stiblo/Styblo
Name 2: Hasa
Name 3: Kisela
Name 4: Pelikan
Name 5: Stanekovic
Location: Ivanovo Selo; Grubisno Polje

My ggpa, Ludwig/Ludovik Styblo, was born in Ivanovo Selo. His father is Ivan and his mother is Rosalia Winter/Vinter. Many other children were born to Ivan and his wife. Ludwig married Katarina Hasa in Grubisno Polje (closest church). They had children born to them in Daruvar, Dezanovac, Gaj, Uljanik. Ludwig's family eventually went to Wein; half the children came to America, and possibly some siblings. I am looking for anyone related to him.

Some of Ludwig's siblings married into Pelikan, Stanekovic, Kisela, Lofler families.

Antun Kisela married my ggpa's sister Barbora Stiblo. They lived in Ivanovo Selo.

My ggpa's sister Marija Stiblo, married Leopold Pelikan in 1895 in Grubisno Polje.

My ggpa's sister Kata married Andro Stanekovic in 1889.

I am looking for any descendents.



Posted by: Dejan on January 23, 2004

Name 1: Ivan Stiglic
Name 2: Bosiljka Sirovatka-Stiglic
Location: Rijeka

Ivan was some kind of atain before World war II.He was maried in Belgrade with Danica Papic, and with her he has a son Bozidar, born in 1942.

Webmistress' comment

Cross Ref check: Lukovdol and Cencic



Posted by: Jill Lacoste on May 22, 2001

Name: Stojakovic Mischa
Location: Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Seeking any historical information, including ancestry and where the surname STOJAKOVIC derives.



Posted by: Dario Stolba on September 22, 2001

Name: Stolba
Location: Croatia

Nesto vise o prezimenu STOLBA



Posted by: Zoran Strbenac on January 26, 2000 - Family Strbenac

Name: Zeljko Strbenac
Location: Zagreb

My father was Zeljko Strbenac, born 16.02.47 in Zagreb, died 6.11.92. My mother is Marija Strbenac, born 11.04.48 in Sombor. My Grandpa is Emil Strbenac, born 3.9.1914 in Bjelovar. My grandma was Anita Strbenac, born 1911, died in 1978 in Zagreb.

My grandfather had one brother, Drago Strbenac, and one sister, Slava. Their mother was Zora Strbenac and they lived alltogether in Bjelovar, when my grandfather was young. Drago has one son, Zlatko Strbenac, the cousin of my father Zeljko. Zlatko lives in Zagreb.

Where can I find some information about my family tree?



Posted by: Pio Stroligo on July 18, 2001 - Looking for Info on the Stroligo family

Name: Stroligo
Location: Istria

Searching for anyone who bears my same surname in Istria - my father's name was Albino, and my Uncle Mario Stroligo lives in Australia
Would like any available information.
I also speak Italian scrivetemi se sapete qualcosa...sono molto desideroso di entrare in contatto con parenti e familiari.



Posted by: Kathy Stunich on February 18, 2001

Name: Stunich
Location: Croatia (?)

I am trying to find out anything i can find out about the Stunich family


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