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Posted by: Shelly Tadey on August 31, 2003

Name 1: Ivan Tadej
Name 2: Evka Kovacevic
Location: Fuzine & Rijeka

My grandfather, Ivan Tadej was born on June 11, 1899 and married my grandmother, Evka Kovacevic, born on June 25, 1899 on February 11, 1922. Though not a great deal of information is known, my grandmother spoke of Fuzine, Rijeka, the Adriatic Sea and Zagreb.

My grandmother had three brothers, and her father's name was George. The first of nine children born to Ivan and Evka and the only child born outside of Canada was Dusan, born March 2, 1923 in Fuzine, Croatia.
My grandfather worked in British Columbia logging in the Wasa region in the East Kootenays.
My grandmother and uncle came to Canada in 1929 and the family settled in Cranbrook, British Columbia.

My grandfather did have a brother, Joe, who would come to Canada to work though his family remained in Croatia. Of my grandmother's brothers all I know is that one was killed in World War I and another brother had a child whose name is Dodo Kovacevic, still living in Croatia.

My grandfather's name became John Tadey in Canada.
My grandfather passed away on May 15, 1960, my grandmother on October 7, 1996 and my uncle Dusan on June 13, 2003.

The Tadej/Tadey family is now on their third generation of Canadians but information on our past is also very important as it was part of the path that has lead us to where we are today. If anyone has any information that would be of help it would be most appreciated.

Webmistress' comment

As it happens, i personally have good friends in Fuzine, Snjezana and Berislav Kovacevic - their family has lived in Fuzine forever, thus it wouldn't surprise me at all if you were related

They manage a nice little guesthouse there, Pansion Arnika, and their email is arnika@ri.hinet.hr

Unfortunately, neither of them speaks english, however, Snjezana is fluent in french, if that helps ..... alternatively, you could ask me nicely to translate :-)



Posted by: Amy on September 18, 2001

Name: Tadeyevic; Tadeyevich; Tadevich
Location: Sunger and Vrbovsko



Posted by: Ferdinand Talan on January 12, 2000

Name 1: Izidor Talan
Name 2: Dragica Kerep
Location: Stefanec

Looking for the children or grandchildren of Izidor Talan and Dragica Kerep.
Izidor was born May 7th 1880 in the village of Stefanec near Varazdin. He died July 13th, 1955 in Zagreb in the Crnomerec area. He was married to Dragica Kerep Izidor Talan's profession was a shoemaker.

Looking also for the resting place of his brother Grga Talan. Grga Talan was born in 1883 in the village of Stefanec in 1883. His death date is unknown since he disappeared. He came to the United States in 1913 to work in the copper mines in Lhanse, MI. He disappeared that same year but kept in contact with his brother up until at least WWII. Grga Talan fought in the American Volunteer Army in France during WWI.

This is all we know. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!



Posted by: B Gallagher on July 20, 2003

Name 1: Ivanica Talijancic
Name 2: Klemin Yurak
Location: Zwogasce

These names are of my greatgrandparents. I understand Yurak was used when they emmigrated to New Zealand circa 1913. Name may have originally been Jurackovich or similar.
My grandfather born Zwogasce 1892. Greatgrandfather listed as a 'farmer', family were Catholic.

Any information or family connections appreciated.Also information about Zwogasce



Posted by: Ignacio Tavra on March 4, 2003

Name 1: Anton or Ante (Antonio) Tavra
Name 2: Ana Bratanic
Location: Makarska

Hi, I'm looking for some help. I live in Santiago, Chile, I'm 23 years old and my name is Ignacio Tavra.
My great grandfather was called Anton or Ante (Antonio) Tavra. He was born in Makarska, Croatia, in 1884. His mother was called Ana Bratanic. He studied engineering (probably in Split) and he left Croatia in 1914 because of the First World War and moved to Antofagasta, Chile. He arrived here with an Austrian-Hungarian passport. Then he married my great grandmother and had 3 children (Milivoj (my grandfather), Krasna and Danica).

The thing is that I'd like to know if you can help me in any way to find any relatives that I could have back in Croatia right now. I know you must receive requests like this every day but I don't really have any way to find that out. I checked the croatian telephone guide, but there are no e-mail addresses with the telephone numbers (I found more than 40 Tavra's, but obviously I can't call them - I don't speak a word of croatian).

I would be very happy if you can help me in any way.
Thanks a lot.
Ignacio Milivoj Tavra Herrmann 56 (2) 2181290, Santiago, Chile



Posted by: J Ticic on November 7, 2001

Name: Ticic; Tichich
Location: Pag

Ticic are from island Pag - which location?



Posted by: Judi Blakely on October 27, 2001

Name: Titzas; Tizas; Ticzas; Titcac
Location: Croatia (?)

I am looking for information on Herbert Titzas, he lived in Kronenburg Germany, died in 1944. Would like any and all information on the family name, etc. send information to rosebud@missvalley.com



Posted by: Shelley Toich on March 28, 2001

Name 1: Toich
Name 2: Rajcevic
Location: Baska (Krk); Cres

Hello, I would like to find any information regarding relatives and/or ancestors in Croatia. My grandfather told me that our family came from Baska on the island of Krk; but every person named Toich I have found via the Internet tells me that their family is from Cres Island.

Marion Toich (Marijan Toic?) came to the US from Croatia in about 1905. He was married to Kate Rajcevic, who was from the Dubrovnik area. Those are the only names I have from that time - except I know that Marion had a brother named Maurice (American version--don't know what the Croatian version would be) and another named Mateo.

Any help appreciated. I will be going to Croatia this summer and it would be great to have some information before I get there.



Posted by: Ana Ivankovic on March 30, 2002

Name 1: Ivan Tomasic
Name 2: Kalic
Location: Tomasici

Looking for information on Ivan Tomasic born 1891 Tomasici, imigrated to United States in 1911 aprox. died 1958 Farmington PA



Posted by: Ivan Topic on March 12, 2001

Name 1: Topic
Name 2: Juric
Location: Croatia



Posted by: Bernard Toplak on July 1, 2003 - Toplak Family Roots ?

Name: Toplak Ivan; Toplak Magdalena
Location: Kneginec Donji

Toplak Magdalena, the wife of Ivan, was born 1906, and for Ivan i dont have shure information (18..)
I would like to track the past of my family. Thank you for any avaliable info!



Posted by: Tamara on May 17, 2002

Name: Topo
Location: Zagreb

I am interested to get to know more about my roots. I am Croatian, from Zagreb, but my surname is not of Slavenic origin. In Italian it means "mouse". Do you have some information in your databese. Please advise where to start.
Thank you in advance
Tamara Topo


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