Posted by: Julio Vidaurrazaga on May 23, 2002

Name 1: Ivan Ante Vodanovic
Name 2: Jenny Rendic
Location: Brac, Dalmacia

Immigrants in Chile, Antofagasta Santiago
My mother's parents

Posted by: Mirko on June 30, 2003

Name 1: Luka Vodanovic Peric
Name 2: Anka Culjak Azinovic
Location: Croatia

My Grandparents Luka Vodanovic Peric and Anka Culjak Azinovic arrived at Lima - Perú in February of the 1948 in the Boat General Black. Immigrants in Perú



Posted by: Nikki Vojvoda on August 9, 2001

Name: Vojvoda
Location: Croatia

I am looking for info on the name Vojvoda. I am tracing my family heritage.



Posted by: Katie on May 3, 2002

Name: Marko A. Vranic
Location: Gospic, Brinja, Lika

Born around 1883, near Gospic, Brinja, Lika. Had a brother Ivan or John. Moved to Pittsburgh, PA USA around 1900-1910. Married Lucija Ribic. Had 6 children, Rose Vranic Bicanic, Violet Vranic Glucic, Mary Vranic Stisak, Catherine Vranic, Marko A. Vranic Jr. (my father) John Vranic of York, PA.
My father Marko and Catherine are still living.

Any information of known relatives can be e-mailed to me. Thank You



Posted by: George Vranjes on November 6, 2002

Name 1: Savan Vranjes
Name 2: Stana Sleapsevicz
Location: Balinac

My father Peter Vranjes was born there and the names I gave above are his parents. They were farmers and had possibly 9 to 12 children. Father came to USA in 1912 through Ellis Is., NY

I would like to contact some Vranjes still living in Balinac to check if they are related


...Vrbanac; Rozman

Posted by: Michelle Rozman on August 1, 2002

Name 1: Barbara Vrbanac Rozman
Name 2: John (Jran?) and Mary (Mara) Vrbanac
Location: Veliki Jadrc

I am looking for information on the parents of Barbara Vrbanac Rozman, John (Jran?) and Mary (Mara) Vrbanac. They lived near Severin Na Kupi, probably in Veliki Jadrc.
Do you have any information about them?
Michelle Rozman

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Cross Ref check: Lukovdol


...Vrbanic / Verbanic; Stefanic

Posted by: Susan on August 17, 2003

Name 1: Vrbanic / Verbanic
Name 2: Stefanic
Location: Severin

I am researching family by these names from Severin, Croatia. Family is from Wyandotte County, KS. Stefanic was the father-in-law. John Vrbanic/Verbanic.



Posted by: Barbara Strizic on February 9, 2002

Name: Petar Vrbos
Location: Vivodina

I would like to learn about Petar Vrbos, a greatuncle of mine who painted mostly religous paintings. He was from Vivodina. I heard that some fo his paintings were on display at an art exhibit in Zagreb. And that people from various countries have purchased paintings.



Posted by: Christian Vrsalovic on May 29, 2001

Name: Vrsalovic
Location: Croatia

Hi My name is Christian Vrsalovic Coughlin, I am from Bolivia, South America and I am very interested in contacting relatives from all over world who have a last name like I have. I have many wonderful stories about my family tree and I would like to share them with the Vrsalovic.

Posted by: Alfonso Vrsalovic on April 3, 2002

Name: Vrsalovic
Location: Brac

My name is Alfonso Vrsalovic, I was born and raised in Bolivia, South America. My grandfather also Alfonso Vrsalovic was bor in the island of Brac and in the early 1900s left to South America, Bolivia. I am currently studying in the United States, I am 20 years old.

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