Posted by: Rosa Zacnich on April 25, 2001

Name: Zacnich
Location: Croatia

I want to know about my family background.
My grandfather was named Juan Zaknic i don't know if its Zacnic - can you send me this imformation or where can i look for it
thanks for your attention
Rosa Zacnich



Posted by: Lindsey on April 7, 2003

Name 1: Zagar
Name 2: Spina
Location: Rabac

Grandfather Zdravko Zagar married Kata Spina



Posted by: Debra Hammer on January 30, 2002

Name: Zagmester
Location: Zagreb

My grandparents came from Zagreb. I know that I have several relatives there. My dad Joseph Zagmester used to have contact with them, in fact his cousin John came over to visit many years ago. But my dad has since past away; we have lost contact as no one here speaks croatian.
Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Webmistress' comment

Here are the listings for "Zagmester" in and around Zagreb - you could perhaps write to these people asking for information - hope that helps (tel numbers available too, on request) - as well as some help with croatian language, for Members

Zagmester Bozena Novaki Bistranski, Podgorska 103
Zagmester Danica Zagreb, Krijesnice 44
Zagmester Danijel Zapresic
Zagmester Denis-Ozren Zagreb, Gracanska cesta 10
Zagmester Ivan Novaki Bistranski, Ivana Gorana Kovacica 6
Zagmester Mirko Zagreb, Nova Ves 58
Zagmester Mirko Zapresic, Baltazara Krcelica 1
Zagmester Mirko Zapresic, Trg Mladosti 14



Posted by: Joanne Beeston on September 9, 2003 - Zaninovic Buzolic Descendants

Name 1: Ante Zaninovic Buzolich; Mihoel Zaninovic Buzolich; Bortulomeo Zaninovic Buzolich
Name 2: Vica Dulcic-Jujak
Name 3: Franetovic Bucat
Location: Starigrad, Croatia and Island of Hvar

Ante b.6/1/1882 married Nedenja, emigrated to Australia than Argentine, died 13/6/1963 Coronda Argentina.
Mihouel b.2/11/1887 married Marieta Rod Dulcic Tujak b.1887, emigrated to Australia than returned to Croatia; they had children not sure in Australia born.

Bortulomeo had vineyards, 2 of their children Janko and Franina migrated to Western Australia.

I am decsendent of Janko who married Margareta Maria Franetovic
Janko and Franina married in 1908 in Starigrad, Croatia; Janko to Margareta Maria Franetovic Bucatand Franina to Filip Franetovic Bucat, then they came out on same ship.

Looking for any descendants, have some photo's and information, would like to find out about the family.



Posted by: Enrique Zarak on August 9, 2003

Name 1: Zarak
Name 2: Gorgia
Location: Zuayne or Slarno; Dubrovnik

My grandfather George (or Gjuro/D'uro ) Zarak, born on april 16 1862 at (Zuayne or Slarno ?, Herzegovina) near the border with Croatia and Ragusa (Dubrovnik), his parents were Nikolas Zarak and Helena Gorgia. (Catholics).
He had families form Gsonik/Osojnik-Croatia (Mato Zarak Krlic who born on august 13 1887).

I am trying to find the place were my grandfather born or a professional geneologyc searcher to help me to find it.

Webmistress' comment

There is an agent Vekaric, advertising Genealogical Research Service for Dubrovnik and surrounding areas .... unfortunately, i have no personal knowledge of their work or rates



Posted by: Joseph Zauhar on May 24, 2001 - Geneology of Zauhar Family

Name: Nicola Zauhar; Miha Zauhar
Location: Delnice

Nicola had four sons, Nicola, Ivan, Josip and Franjo



Posted by: Ines Zencic on February 1, 2002

Name: Zencic
Location: Split

I was born in and live in the United States. My grandfather, surname Zencic, emigrated from Croatia to Argentina during or after World War I. In Argentina he met and married my grandmother, an Argentine woman, of Italian and Spanish parents. (My grandfather had one brother, who was killed in the war.)

I would like to know if there are many people with the "Zencic" surname out there?? I've never met or heard of anyone with /this name. Does anyone know of a man with my grandfather's story?? maybe that is your relative as well....??

Webmistress' comment

There are 8 "Zencic" listed in places around Split - if you like, i could let you have the tel numbers too

Zencic Ante Jelsa, Racic bb
Zencic Ante Makarska, Vukovarska 52
Zencic Dinko Jelsa, Racic bb
Zencic Egidija Jelsa, Pelinje bb
Zencic Mate Jelsa, Vitarnja bb
Zencic Nikola Jelsa, Lucica bb
Zencic Sjajna Jelsa, Lucica bb
Zencic Zoran Makarska, Kralja Zvonimira 1



Posted by: Ivan Zilic on January 10, 2001

Name 1: Miroslav Zilic
Name 2: Victoria Machnik
Location: Zagreb, Karlovac

My gran mom name was Victoria Machnik, my gran pa was Miroslav Zilic, my father is Miroslav Zilic, and i know about a gran gran ma An pa Melania and Ivan.

Gran pa and gran ma went to Argentina about 1945. And stayed there.
Thats all i have.


...Zimmer; Zimer

Posted by: Phyllis Alderdice on March 10, 2002

Name 1: Peter Joseph Zimmer (Zimer)
Name 2: Elizabeth Lux (mother of above)
Location: Veliki Becskerek or Begskerek, Yougoslavia

Peter Joseph born March 18, 1912 at Vellliki, possible 1911 landed at Halifax February 27, 1917.



Posted by: Zovin Cristiane on December 21, 2002

Name 1: Zovin
Name 2: Banicin
Location: Markovac (Nasice); Podravska Slatina

Katica Zovin married with Tomo Zovin in Brazil in 1941. Her parents were: Mato Banicin and Jula Banicin. She was born in Podravska Slatina in 11.11.1924
Tomo Zovin was born in Markovac (Nasice nowadays) in 03.05.1910, his parents were Stjepan and Marija Zovin.



Posted by: Mary Ann on April 9, 2001

Name 1: Jakov Zupan
Name 2: Skenderya; Skender
Name 3: Anna Starcovic; Starcevic
Location: Croatia

The names I have are Jakov Zupan and his wife's last name was Skenderya (Skender);
their son Mike Zupan married Anna Starcovic (Starcevic) in Oregon in the USA about 1912. Anna was possibly from the Pazariste area. Mike may have been from Barletta. The birth certificates of their children say they were from Austria. So I am totally confused as to where to start.
Could anyone help?



Posted by: Thomas Renko on October 31, 2001

Name: Zvonar
Location: Lupoglav; Zagreb

I am looking for information about Yalza Zvonar or Marcia Yaklinovic, possibly related to my uncle, Matthew Zvonar, from the Zagreb, Lupoglave area. Can anyone help me?

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