Posted by: Rose O'Keefe on October 2, 2001 - Help?

Name 1: Krunoslav Skaricic
Name 2: Darinka Lovrencic
Location: Croatia

I am a Canadian with Croatian heritage and because I lost my parents at such an early age, I am curious to trace my roots. I have tried on a number of occasions to find my fathers' and mothers' family, but with no success. Could you possibly help me or direct me to the appropriate people who can?

Father: Krunoslav Skaricic
Born: December 21, 1932 Somewhere in Dalmatia

Mother: Darinka Lovrencic
Born: July 18, 1941 Somewhere near Zagreb

My husband and I have two small children and we would like them to learn their ancestry and be proud of their Croatian heritage!



Posted by: Edward Skender on February 26, 1999

Name: Michael Skender
Location: Skenderi; Kuzelj, Gorski kotar

I understand Croatia is divided into 20 counties plus the city of Zagreb. Is Gorski Kotar one of those counties? If so, what is the county seat?

I am asking this because I have a copy of an old document from the year 1641 wherein Count Peter Zrinski transfers the village of Skenderi to my ancestor, Michael Skender in exchange for 50 gold ducats. The village is today part of the town of Kuzelj on the Kulpla River. The document from 1641 is supposed to be the oldest document in the Archives of Gorski Kotar.

I would like to get more information about this village and my ancestor Michael Skender. To do this, I think I need to contact the director of the archives. Can you tell me where the archives for Gorski Kotar are located and the name and address of the director?

Thank you for whatever help you can provide.

Webmistress' comment

You are quite right - Croatia was divided into 20 counties in 1992, and the entire area of Gorski Kotar became a part of Primorsko-Goranska Zupanija, seated in Rijeka.

The location of Hrib Skendari, as it is now called, you can see on the map excerpt which i am enclosing herewith, together with some general historical facts.
However - have managed to find a professor in Cabar who promised to look for any available information pertaining to your family in particular, and shall forward that to you as soon as i have it

Some facts about Gorski kotar around the time of Petar Zrinski

Posted by: Edward Skender on March 04, 1999

Thank you for the excellent information on Gorski Kotar at the time of the Zrinskis. I am very interested in the 17th century organization of the territory, and I assume from the text that there were three principal Zrinski estates: Cabar, Gerovo, and Brod, with the principal one being Brod na Kupi. It is so difficult for us to get local historical information in English here in the U.S., and no one I know can read Croatian.

I am happy to know that there is a place called Hrib Skendari near Gerovo. I have seen this name on the map, and I will be keen on knowing how it got it's name, since there does not appear to be any town around there with the name Skender. I look forward to whatever information the professor in Cabar can provide. In additional to the historical information about the Zrinski estates, my main interest is in the village of Skenderi, which today is part of the town of Kuzelj, near Brod na Kupi, and the document I have from 1641 transferring (or leasing) this village to Michael Skender by Peter Zrinski in exchange for 50 gold ducats. If you come across any information on this village and the relationship between Michael Skender and Count Peter Zrinski, I would be especially grateful. Again, thanks for your excellent help.

Edward Skender

Posted by: Robert Kuzelj on August 15, 1999

I just read in one of the msgs that there is a city named Kuzelj on the river Kupa.
Can anybody supply some more information?

Posted by: Edward Skender on August 24, 1999

I am glad to see there is someone else interested int he village of Kuzelj besides me. First the river. The river is one of the oldest borders in Europe. It formed the border of Charlemagne's Holy Roman Empire in the year 800. Today the river forms the border between Slovenia and Croatia. The Croatians call it the Kupi. The Slovenians call it the Kolpa. The English and Germans call it Kulpa. The Slovenians are closest to its original Roman name, Colapis.

There are actually two villages named Kuzelj. One is on the Croatian side of the river, and the other is on the Slovenian side. As best as I can determine, the village on the Slovenian side is the oldest. Slovenian Kuzelj is first mentioned in the feudal land register of 1494 for the domain of Kostel, wherein it is called by its German name, Cossel das Dorf. I am not certain when the Croatian villiage across the river was first recorded, but the village on the Croatian side carried another name for many, many years, and that name was Skenderi. The village still had this name on a 1959 army map, so I don't know when it was changed (or changed back to) Kuzelj.

My interest in the village stems from the fact that one of my ancestors had a lien on the feudal titles of this village for some number of years after 1642. I have a copy of the lien agreement between my ancestor, Michael Skender, and Count Peter Zrinski, the lord of the domain of Severin (Gorski Kotar) wherein he signed over the village as payment for a loan from my ancestor which Zrinski apparently could not pay off. That's about all I know about the place. Wen (the webmistress) has found a professor in Croatia who is researching the history of this place and when we hear from him, we will know more about it. If in the meantime you learn anything additional, let me know.

Best regards, Ed Skender

Webmistress' comment

Ah, sure hope we can continue this research without that ellusive professor - it certainly wasn't for lack of trying on my part
If it's any help, here is a list of Skender families living in Rijeka and Gorski kotar

Skender Berislav Resetari 51 Cikovici
Skender Anton Bana Josipa Jelacica bb Delnice
Skender Anton Guce Selo 8 Guce Selo
Skender Bruno Pogled 7 Marcelji
Skender Darko Nikole Bunjevca 9 Moravice
Skender Anton Skolska 13 Mrkopalj
Skender Danica Stari kraj 68 Mrkopalj
Skender Boris Vrh 22 Ravna Gora
Skender Dijana I. Gorana Kovacica 199 Ravna Gora
Skender Albert Bastiajanova 50 Rijeka
Skender Arslan Kalina 18 Rijeka
Skender Bruno Jeliciceva ulica 11 Rijeka
Skender Cedomil Draga Gervaisa 12 Rijeka
Skender Darko Zubra 17 Vantacici

For telephone numbers please email me

Posted by: Joyce Laesser on March 23, 2001

Name 1: Draga & Thomas Skander/Skender
Name 2: Jurkovich; Jurkovic; Yurkovich
Location: Lokve, Gorski kotar

I am trying to find any family or family information on my fiancees family from Lokve, Croatia. His grandmother was: Draga Skander/Skender born 11-2-1883 in Lokve. Her fathers name was: Thomas Skander/Skender, she married "Anton Jurkovich" born 1-17-1881 also from Lokve.

Need to find information on both families, the "Jurkovich/Jurkovic/Yurkovich" and "Skander/Skender" around 1880. I do hope that you can help us.

thank you

Posted by: Anthony Skender on August 13, 2001

I am Anthony Skender.I would like some information on my father Anton Skender who came from a village on the outskirts of Zagrab, Croatia.
My dad past away when I was about 8 years old and I am now 75, and would like to get some information on my dad, Anton Skender.
Thank you,
Anthony Skender

Posted by: Jonatan Nincevic on October 31, 2001 - Skender - Kuzelj

Well I just got here incidentally trough google. However my mother is from KUZELJ on the Croatian side, so are my grandparents.

I infact know that my Great grandmother's maidenname was Skender (she was a Slovenian, or from the other part of the village, and my grandmother tells me that the greatgrandmother used to have servants while they were young, which was late 1800's and beginning of the 20th century ), and there is one house on the Slovenian side to which the locals still refer to as Skender, the one from which my greatgrandmother was from. However the name got lost in the village as it seems that 50 years ago they were without a son who could carry on the name.
The person in Guce Selo listed above might be a relative since Guce Selo is 2 km (20 min walk) from Kuzelj and is infact in the same valley.

I have to admit that this above is very intruiguing to me since I am interested in the history of the place for personal reasons, it is a really great looking valley among mountains, and a beautiful place to be.

Posted by: Robert Skender on November 13, 2001

Your historical document is very interesting. My dad is from Mostar but I know nothing else of my genealogy. I wish you success in you research.

Posted by: Barbie Pickford on April 3, 2002 - Skender, Britvic, Jakapovic, Kovac

Name 1: John Skender; Skander
Name 2: Anna Britvic or Jurmanovic
Location: Croatia

I am currently researching my great grandparents, John and Anna Skander, as spelled in the US. John immigrated in 1904 or 1905 from Croatia. He was born John Skender in March 1881. Anna's maiden name is a great debate in our family. She always went by Britvic but there is one document we found which lists her as Anna Yurmanovic. She immigrated in 1906. She always said she was born in Zagreb and that she snuck out of the house past her unknowing father to leave the country to meet up with John. Whether they were married in Croatia or in the US is a debate also.

If anyone is related or researching these similar names, I would like to hear from you.

Posted by: Steven Skender on June 12, 2002

Name 1: Anton Skender
Name 2: Meter
Location: Delnice

I know that my father was born in Croatia and was one that came from some so called nobility in the Skender family, if you can help me get together with what party to conect for more information..... My father's name was Steven Michael Skender, the son of Michael Skender.....and Mary Skender (nee-Meter). My father was born on July 27, 1907..... he came to America in 1919......if you can sent me any info, please due so.
Thank you

Posted by: Tom Skender on January 24, 2003

Name 1: Skender, John or Ivan
Name 2: Grubac, Ana
Location: Skender Brdo Pisarovina, Croatia

My grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1908. He settled in Johnstown, Pa.
I have a baptismal document that list his father Joseph Skender and mother Ana Grubac.
He was born 1886 in Skender Brdo Pisarovina, Croatia.
I understand that brdo means hill! I found a county map of Pisarovina and Skender Brdo.

I would appreicate any information about my grand parents or skender Brdo. I'd like to know if I have any relatives there or if the village still exist.

Posted by: Stanko Skender on May 6, 2003

Moje prezime Skender potjece iz krajeva Like, tocnije sa Velebitskih planina iznad Gospica. Ukoliko netko zna kako su moji preci dosli na te prostore i ukoliko netko potjece iz tih prostora bio bih mu zahvalan da se upoznamo.



Posted by: Berislav Mate Petrov on March 22, 2002

Name: Skokandich
Location: Croatia

I am seeking to contact relatives. I live at 181C Marine Parade, Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Please supply relevant info.
Thanks, Berislav


...Smolcic; Vucetic

Posted by: Alain Smolcic on February 1, 2001

Name 1: Ivan Smolcic (Grandpa)
Name 2: Dragica Smolcic, maiden name Vucetic
Location: Lipice - Vinkovci, Slavonia

This is my grandfather and grandmother..... My grandfather also came from Lika around the villages of Gospic.....or Plitvice Jezera

Posted by: Elizabeth Smolcic on January 23, 2003

Name: Paul Smolcic
Location: Lika

Born in 1870. Orphaned in 1875. Emigrated to Bohemia. Died in Yukon, Pennsylvania, USA in 1929.

I will soon visit Croatia and would like to see if I can determine which town in Lika my great-grandfather was from?



Posted by: Donald Smecker on May 13, 2003 - Smrekar and Kapusin Genealogy

Name 1: Ferdinand Smrekar
Name 2: Antonija Kapusin
Location: Bukovica and Dreserovac, Croatia

I am seaking information on Ferdinand Smrekar born in Bukovica, Croatia 1885 and Antonija Kapusin born in Dreserovac, Croatia 1887 - anyone having information, or anyone knowing anything about these two areas of Croatia, please contact me
I would greatly appreciate your help.
Donald Smecker



Posted by: Jackie on May 9, 2002

Name: Agnes (Nesa) Sneperger
Location: Brod Moravice

Agnes is my great-grandmother. Her father's name might have been Ivan. She was born approximately 1887 and emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's


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