Posted by: P. Gaertner on November 22, 2001

Name: Kaspar Gartner
Location: Privlaka

Looking for Gartner family. Kaspar Gartner born in Kernei died in Privlaka about 1943.
Thanks, P. Gaertner



Posted by: Kathy Tinsman on August 1, 2002

Name 1: Anna Louise Gasparac
Name 2: Anton Andrew Skopac
Location: Delnice / Istra

Anna was born in Delnice in 1888 ? Came to Joliet, Illinois 1907 at age 19. Her father was Anton Gasparac, her mother was Cecelia ? Anton was born in Istra in 1879. His father's name was Ivan Skopac. His mother's frist name was Catherine.

I know I have relatives there, but I don't know any of them and I don't speak croatian, so as you can see I really need help.
Thank You


...Gasparovic; Persche; Perse

Posted by: Judith Hopping on July 03, 1999

I'm wondering if anyone knows in which parish the birth/marriage/death records of Lukovdol and Severin na Kupi might be held. This is where one side of my grandmother's family was from and I know very little about them beside the surnames Perse and Gasparovic.

After reading the informative history of Gorski Kotar in response to Edward Skender's question on the main page, I was also wondering if the more eastern part of Gorski Kotar along the Kupi was also cleansed by the Turks during the same period.

Posted by: Judith Hopping on October 15, 1999

Name 1: Margaret Gasparovic; George Gasparovic
Name 2: Catherina Perse, Persche
Location: Lukovdol & Severin na Kupi, Gorski kotar

This is what I know about my g-grandmother:
Margaret Gasparovic, born 28 June 1878 in either Lukovdol or Severin na Kupi. Her parents were George Gasparovic and Catherina Perse. They also had a son Paul who stayed in Croatia and may have been living as recently as 1960, although I don't know where.

There are still some Perses living in Severin, according to the phone book, but no Gasparovics. Would anyone be willing to make a polite phone call for me, to ask the Perse family if they might be relatives of mine, and if they know anything about Paul Gasparovic? Contact me by private email, if you'd like to help me, and I'll give you the number.

Posted by: Edward Skender on November 05, 1999

I know a Henry Persche whose ancestors came from the village of Skrill in Slovenia, not far from the Croatian border town of Severin. Severin was an important town, as you know, the headquarters of the powerful Zrinski counts, who were the lords of the former Comitat Severin.

Henry is having his Persche family tree researched by a professional genealogist. If you want, I can put you in contact with him. Secondly, I think that if Severin is itself not a parish with church records, then the parish must have ben at Lukovdol, the nearest large town. Certainly someone on this Gorski Kotar chat room can give you the name and address of the parish serving the town of Severin.

Best regards, Ed

Webmistress' comment

There is a zupni ured in Severin, tel: (051) 875170 ...... however, as Ed correctly pointed out, the records are kept in Lukovdol, tel: (051) 871243

Posted by: Ferdinand Talan on January 12, 2000

Hello Judith,

My name is Ferdinand Talan. I am studying my families genealogy from Croatia. I am 26 years old and still have second and 3rd cousins living in a small village called Veliki Jadrc. Veliki Jadrc is part of the municipality of Severin na Kupi. My cousin Zvonko Muretic's wife works in the records office for Severin na kupi. My grandmother Anka Talan is still alive and she was born in that village in 1918 and lived there until 1957. My father was 6 years old when they moved to another part of Croatia in Slavonija. She might possibly know Paul Gasparovic. She might even know some Perse. When I mentioned this to my father he remembers those last names Perse and Gasparovic. If you have specific information I can ask my grandmother because she is living with us in Detroit now if she remembers any of your family. It would have to be around that time frame between 1918 and 1957 when she left to live with my grandfather, father and uncles in Eastern Slavonija, Croatia near the city of Vinkovci. The only records you will find in Lukovdol are church records. Lukovdol was where the parish for that area was. If you know the village even I can ask my Grandmother about that village.
I hope this helps.

Posted by: Ferdinand Talan on January 12, 2000

Hello Judith,

I did send you an e-mail but just in case I will post this follow up response.

I asked my Baka about Paul Gasparovic and his family along with Perse. She is not familiar with the first names of the Gasparovic family members but knows there was a Gasparovic family living in a village called Mocile :(mo-Chee-lay). This village is next to Severin na Kupi. Records for this village can be found in the Parish of Lukovdol.

I hope this helps you in this search. If you need a translation on the search for some records I might be able to convince my father to translate a letter for you and send it to his cousins wife who works in the records office in Severin na kupi. I would have to ask him first though.

Posted by: Marcie Severinski on December 18, 2000

Name 1: Mary Gasparovich
Name 2: Francis Severinski
Location: ???Croatia???

Frank Severinski and Mary Gasparovich were married in Houghton, Michigan-Sept.15, 1906. Frank was 26 and Mary 19 years of age.They lived in Osceola Mine. (mining community??)

Parents of Francis - Frank Severinski & Anna Schutte Parents of Mary - Jos. Gasparovich & Francis Gerrich Birth place of both sets of parents is listed as Austria. Mary was born on Sept. 8, 1886 & died in Feb. 1977

I have many old photos, of course, they have almost nothing as far as informantion goes. Some of them are written on. I was hoping to find someone to tell me what they say.

Webmistress' comment

Marcie - i'd be happy to help you with the photographs if you can have them scanned and sent to me

Posted by: Chris on May 9, 2001 - Severin na Kupi, Gorski kotar

My father is from Severin na Kupi, and i asked him if those names sound familiar.
He said they do so they could very well be from the area. I will let you know when I get more info.

Glad to see that the people from Gorski kotar (gorani) are still proud of our ancestry.

Posted by: Dolores on June 12, 2001

I was in Upper Michigan July 2000 and found many mining records at Michigan Technical University Archives. They also have newspapers, photos, city directories, etc. all to help in MI research. Yes, Osceola Mine is a mine location/town. My great uncle Anton Jurkovich mined at Trimountain and also ran a saloon in Ahmeek with his cousin (I think) George Burich. Great place to visit, lovely weather, and friendly people at the Houghton Co. and Keweenaw Co. Courthouses, funeral homes, cemetery offices.

Posted by: Donna Crane on June 16, 2001

Name 1: John Joseph Gasparovic; Roco Gasparovic
Name 2: Dora Lucas

I am helping my roommate research his background, believed to be Croatia or vicinity. His name is John Joseph Gasparovic. His father's name was John Joseph Gasparovic and info from SSDI record of original Soc.Sec. application he wrote that his father's name was Roco Gasparovic and his mother was Dora Lucas. My roommate believes that his father was the youngest of 4 or 5 children and that all the rest were girls.
Anyone have any connection out there?
Donna Crane

Posted by: Jonathan Blake Gasparovic on November 26, 2001

Just wondering if there is any extra info you might know about my grandfather, Mr. Paul Gasparovic from Bingmaton, New York

Posted by: Dragan Gasparovic on December 12, 2001

Hallo.... I was born in Zadar Croatia (Europe) Live in Sukosan near Zadar

Posted by: Maria on February 20, 2002

Name: Gasparovic; Perse
Location: Lukovdol & Severin

Hi Judith, my name is Maria . I am from Melbourne Australia. My maiden name is Perse. My father came to Australia as a 14 to 16 year old about 45 years ago. His name is Djuro but on his birth cert. it is Julius.

We stumbled upon this site accidentally. If you want more information please contact us.

Posted by: Marcie on May 14, 2002

If you have the time you will find a photo of my great grandmother Mary (Marija) Gasparovic on my site. I have recently found her birth record(b.1886) and had it translated from Croatian to English. She is one of the Gasparovic from Mocile. Her parents were Josip Gasparovic & Franca Geric. There address is listed as: Mocile- house nr. 57
If you could add to what I know that would be great. I can be reached at: sunnymarcie@yahoo.com

Posted by: Tony Gasparich on May 24, 2002

My grandfather's name was Michael Gasparovic, when they came to this country my father's school teacher changed his name to Gasparich, they thought it was more american.
Does anyone have information about the name Gasparovic? My father knows very little about his family.

Posted by: Juan Pablo Gasparovic on June 27, 2002

Name: Gasparovic
Location: Lukovdol & Severin

Hi Im not speak english very well because, im speak spanish. Im 20 years old, Im from Argentina. Im studying my families genealogies.

Posted by: Adam Gasparovic on May 18, 2003

I would like to find the family tree to Adam and Anka Gasparovic



Posted by: Gwen Isola on April 30, 2002

Name 1: Johana Gasperlin
Name 2: Valentine Susnik
Location: Croatia (?)

Johana Gasperlin came to the US through Ellis Island in 1906 from Krainburg, married Valentine Susnik, and started a family in Westmoreland, PA then relocated to Sheldon, Rusk County, WI where my grandfather William was born.
Any help finding family of either Gasperlin or Susnik would be most helpful.



Posted by: Ray W. de Yarmin on January 28, 2004 - Gebrich Family

Name: Raphael Gebrich
Location: Croatia

Lieutenant Raphael Gebrich served in the U.S. Army Air Corps at the end of WWII and was stationed in the Philippine Islands.
Seek any information on him, his family or the family name.
Do not know where he lived in the U.S.



Posted by: Julia Evinger on June 10, 2002 - Gecan family name

Name 1: Michael Gecan
Name 2: Teresija Jadron
Location: Mrkopalj

1: Parents of Michael Gecan, born 1802
2: Parents of Teresija Jadron

Earliest record for Gecan family in Croatia is February, 1802. Michael Gecan was born in Mrkopalj. Would like information about his parents or siblings. Also would like information about Teresa Jadron's family. Teresa married my great grandfather, Anton Gecan in 1879 in Mrkopalj.
Julia Evinger


...Getto; Reiter

Posted by: Grayce Ezarik on April 30, 2000

Name 1: Elizabeth Getto
Name 2: Elizabeth Reiter
Location: Berement

Adam and Elizbeth Getto (brother and sister) were born in St Ishtvan in Boronja, Hungary 1862. Adam wed Elizabeth Reiter, they had five children, Adam, Pete, Anna and Julia. Julia wed George Petrisek from Krain, Austria and Anna wed for a second time to a Granish also from Krain. It is said that they lived in Germany for a spell and then moved to Slavonia.They eventually came to America.

Posted by: Bettina Getto on August 30, 2000

I just found your site, and I'm also interested in finding something about my family.
My father was born in Hungary, he is now 61 years old. I will ask him for more details.
My grandfather's name was Anton Getto. I send you more informations soon.
I will be really lucky to get a message from you.
Best wishes

Posted by: Grayce Ezarik on July 19, 2001

Name 1: Getto
Name 2: Reiter; Potisek; Petrisic

I will update previous Getto Query of August 30, 2000.

GETTO, Barbara, Elizabeth, Joseph, Adam home in Szent Ishtvan, now Petlovac.
Adam left home when he wed Elizabeth Reiter. Their son Peter came to America 1906, ship Statendam, Netherlands, with a friend to Erie, PA. GETTOS also lived in Uljezdan, Bovinghausen, Tuchelj, Kapelna and Essen and Merklinde, Germany, to US.

GETTOS came from Italy, via Germany to Hungary in the 1700s. Elizabeth REITER'S family lived in Berement, of German descent, one REITER went to USA, worked in Erie, PA.

Baptism records show surnames of MARTIN, BAUMSTARK, RUFF, FICKERT, EIFRUSAN?, BEVIC, LÓF, ZU stz, HEIMANBACH, KONRAD, RAPP from Osijek Archives for Petlovac. Could these sponsors be relatives of the GETTOS and where are the descendents of the GETTOS and REITERs that remained in Hungary?

Barbara's son was in the military, first killed in war with Serbia July 1914, volunteer. Adam GETTO'S nephew, a prisoner of Russians, and returned home from Siberia, barefoot 7 years later, after the Bolshevik Revolution.

Any GETTO or REITER families that would like to correspond, please mail me grayce@bentcom.net. Family in US eager to hear from you.

Found: Adam's daughter Julia, wed George Petrisic in Tuhelj, family still in tact and in communication. We have exchanged our genealogy and happy that now we have come full circle, they have the story of their "son", who came to America in 1912.

Hello Bettina, miss hearing from you, someday we may find a connection to our families. Check the archives in Osijek per Petlovac for marriage and birth records, also in Beremend for REITERS......love from US......grayce

Posted by: Sandra Dunkley on July 21, 2001

I have just read your e-mail Elizabeth. I was wondering if you know anything about that Granish. I am looking for my Granish ancestors.
Thanks and Best Wishes



Posted by: Elsa Ghetaldi-Gondola on August 9, 2002 - Gundulic family from Dubrovnik

Name 1: Baron Francesco Ghetaldi-Gondola
Name 2: Maria Gondola
Location: Dubrovnik - Villa Gundulic

Please i write from Chile South America - am still waiting for information about my royal family from Dubrovnik, Croatia. If any person have this info please contact me!



Posted by: Antun Glavach on October 24, 2001

Name 1: Glavac(h)
Name 2: Luterac
Location: Croatia



Posted by: Tami on March 17, 2002 - Is Surname Glusic from Vivodina?

Name: Glusic
Location: Vivodina (?)

Hello... i am trying to find out where does the surname Glusic originally come from... you see, i don't have many data about my family and could anybody provide me with any kind of relevant information? I would really appreciate it... Thanx :)


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