Posted by: Marcie Summers on March 7, 2001

Name: Severinski
Location: Gorski Kotar
Franjo and Anna
Franjo & Anna

My grandfather was born in Franklin NJ (USA) August 15,1907. His name was Frank (Franjo) Severinski. Soon after he was born his family returned to Europe. He returned to the US in the early 1930's. He was married and had 2 sons.

The only person I know of that lived in Yugoslavia (Croatia) was his sister. She lived at this address in 1976:

Berica Severinski
47322 Vrbovsko
Gorski Kotar
I think this is my grandfather's sister Berica.

On the back of the photograph there is a stamp:
Foto "Vukic"; Zagreb; Trnjanska 49; 31.VIII.1945

Any help would be great, I would like to know the rest of my fathers family. I can be reached at: sunnymarcie@yahoo.com

Posted by: Marcie Summers on May 15, 2002

Name: Francis Severinski-Mihelac
Location: Gorski Kotar

I have recently found my great grandparents marriage certificate. A friend of mine found a listing for their marriage in some church records. They were in the Calumet, Houghton county Michigan area. On the church record my great grandfather is listed as Francis Severinski-Mihelac. I would like to know how the Mihelac name is part of my family's name.
Check out my web page and please e-mail me at: sunnymarcie@yahoo.com

Webmistress' comment

Real nice family page you have there, Marcie!

Check Floriani / Mihelac for any possible family connection

Posted by: Marcie Summers on July 15, 2003 - Comitat Severin, Zrinski counts

Name 1: Severinski
Name 2: Gasparovic
Location: Gorski Kotar

Comitat Severin, Zrinski Counts...........
I need a history lesson. I have not been able to locate information on the above topic.
Could someone tell me about the Zrinski Counts and the Comitat Severin?

Webmistress' comment

Prompted by a query from Edward Skender, there is a bit of history, as well as some historical facts about the time of Petar Zrinski in Gorski kotar, leading from our Questions & Answers page - hope you'll find it of interest



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