Posted by: Bob on March 12, 2003
Vujevich --- is this a derivative of a croatian surname?

Name: Joseph and Elizabeth Vujevich
Location: Croatia

Looking for ancestry of Joseph and Elizabeth Vujevich who lived in Pittsburgh Pa. area in early 1900's. I believe the surname was changed from how it was spelled back in Croatia.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Posted by: magdalene vukelic on October 17, 2002

Name: Jacov Vukelic; Elisabetha Vukelic
Location: Croatia

Came to america in 1957 with 5 children. went first to ny then transfored to chicago.
any info on life prior to coming to america and after america?



Posted by: Michael P. Lucas on April 23, 2002

Name: Vukic
Location: Karlovac

This is my mother's maiden name - Milka Vukic. She was born at Karlovac, Croatia 1888-1890. Her brother's name was Marko Vukic. They emmigrated to the United States between 1908-1910. This is all the information available.
Michael P. Lucas sr.



Posted by: J. Stibor on December 20, 2001

Name: Vukovic; Vukovich; Vukovitch (usa) or Wujovicz (croatian?)
Location: Croatia

1: Desendants of Michael Vukovic
2: Desendants of Mary ????? Vukovic

Michael came to America around 1890 to 1900. In 1913 he and wife, Mary, purchased a home in Omaha, Nebraska. Their son, Joseph Steven (Stephen) Vukovic lived there and raised his children with his wife, Viola.

I am currently looking for the birth place of Michael Vukovic or any information anyone can give me.
Thank you

Additional comments:
Reportedly, the Croatian Army had a General Vukovic



Posted by: David Mothkovich on January 24, 2002

Name 1: Vuksic
Name 2: Matkovic
Name 3: Bakic
Location: Dalmatia

I would like to find any Vuksic family interested in genealogy, especially from the area near Split

Also search for Matkovic and Bakic

Posted by: David Mothkovich on June 16, 2002

Trying to find relatives of Anna Bakic born February 1885, possibly in the Virovitica area.
Anna was the daughter of Stephen Bakic and his wife Julia Vuksic.
Anna was the wife of Joseph Matkovic. They had 2 sons - John (1910) and Daniel (1914) in the USA.



Posted by: Vinko on July 7, 2001 - Trazim korjene obitelji Vuletic iz Trogira

Name: Vinko Vuletic
Location: Trogir

To mi je dida. Ima je 11-tero brace i sestara. Mater mu se zvala Vinka, otac Jure ubili ga Partizani jer je sverca duvan Svabama.Sad zivi u Splitu. Zena mu se zove Tonka ima dvoje dice sin Marin, cerka Durdica.


...Vyroubal; Wyroubal

Posted by: Vlasta Vyroubal on January 24, 2003

Name 1: Vyroubal; Wyroubal
Name 2: Claudius
Location: around Karlovac

I know that Jacobus Wyroubal was the first to come to Croatia, around 1850s. He married countess von Praunsberger. After he died she reamrried to the Caludius family.
The name is sometimes spelled Wyroubal, sometimes Vyroubal

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