...Vajda; Vaida

Posted by: Doris Vaida on April 26, 2002

Name 1: Johan Vajda (John Vaida)
Name 2: Marie Vivoda (Mary Vevoda)
Location: Croatia

My grandfather immigrated to the USA around 1885. His name was Johan Vajda but was changed to John Vaida upon entering the USA. He was born in 1861 either in or near Ljubljanca and had been in the Austria-Hungary Army.

My grandmother's maiden name was Maria Vivoda (could have been spelled Vevoda) her given name was changed to Mary upon entering the USA. She was born in 1863 in or near Metlica. She immigrated in 1891 and married my grandfather that same year. They settled in Soudan Minnesota where he worked as a iron ore miner until his death in 1924.
Both left family members back in Austria-Hungray.

I am trying to make contact with decendants of either the families Vajda or Vivoda (Vevoda) - I would appreciate any information on either. Please contact me via email: catgirls@att.net.

Posted by: Doris Vaida on June 26, 2002

My grandfather was born in a village (do not know the name) near Ljubljana in 1861.His name was Johann Vajda but was changed to John Vaida when he entered the USA. As a young man he was in the Austro-Hungarian Army - he immigrated to the USA around 1887 - settled in Soudan Minnesota where he worked as a iron ore miner until his death in 1924.

My grandmother was born in 1863 in Metlica. Her name was Maria Vivoda (could have been spelled Vevoda) she immigrated to America in 1890 going directly to Soudan Minnesota where she married my grandfather the same year. Both left siblings back in Austro-Hungarian Empire

I would like to make contact with descendants of either the Vajda or Vivoda family. If anyone can help please contact me via my email.



Posted by: Diana on March 24, 2002

Name 1: Vegar
Name 2: Dragicevic
Location: Vrgorac

Vegar and Dragicevic are familys from Vrgorac.



Posted by: Tatiana Veljacic on November 3, 2003 - Veljacic de Bribir

Name: Veljacic
Location: Bribir

My grandfather went to Uruguay (America) in 1927. I and my family never knew our family in Bribir (town of my grandfather Mateo Veljacic).

Posted by: Jeff Velch on June 26, 2005

Name: Veljacic
Location: Bribir


I ran across your name on the internet. My grandfathers name was Nicolas Veljacic and changed it to Velch upon entering the US. He also lived and grew up in Bribir. He was an only child but I do not know how many siblings his father may have had.

What success have you had in mapping out the Veljacic geneology?

I am attaching a gravestone that I recently received from some family members while in Bribir this past May. I do not see any connection with our family roots but maybe it will help you.


...Veselica; Veselitza

Posted by: Joseph on March 1, 2003 - Looking for Veselitza, Veselica

Name: Veselica; Veselitza; Veselizza
Location: Trieste, Pola (Pula), Istria

Matthew Veselitza came to America around 1909-1910. might have 2 brothers. Wife Francesca Maloutz. Not sure if they were croation, austrian or italian....or a mix of all...
Looking for any decendants with the Veselica, Veselitza surname



Posted by: Goran Babic on February 23, 2001

Name 1: Vidakovic
Location: Croatia

Posto zivim u Madjarskoj, a moji preci su se doselili prije cetiri stotina godina u ove krajeve, tragam za eventualnim tragom doseljenja. Prvenstveno me interesiraju ljudi sa tim prezimenom na podrucju Like, Hercegovine, Vojvodine i Kvarnera



Posted by: Olivia Leslie on September 8, 2002 - Vidas/Podnar families

Name 1: Matthew (Matija) Vidas
Name 2: Ana Podnar Vidas
Location: Resnestaz (spelling?) Yugoslavia

Available data:

Matthew - born feb 24 1885 in Yugoslavia. Came to US in 1913 - settled in West Winfield, PA.
Ana Podnar Vidas - born 1893 - Yugoslavia - came to the US in 1921 and settled in West Winfield, Pa. I'm told Ana's birth place was Resnestaz (spelling?)
Accompanying Ana was her first child Joseph - age 7. 3 more children born in the US.

My mother is the only one living. Matthew died in 1966 at age 85. Ana died in December 1928 at age 35.

Does anyone know about these people (my grandparents) ?
I have been doing a lot of searching but with no results. Please e-mail if you have information


...Viscovich; Vickovich

Posted by: Lynnette Wescovich on March 12, 2001

Name 1: Viscovich; Vickovich
Name 2: Roso
Location: Dalmatia

Seeking any information on families with above names from the Dalmatia area. Family names are Peter (Pjeor), John (Ivo), and Joseph (Josip or Josko). May be related to the Roso familiy.

Peter Viscovich (later Wescovich) migrated to the US in the 1850's. He possibly landed in NY with his father and brothers and Joseph Rose. He and Rose later went to Mobile, Alabama.

Any and all leads greatfully appreciated.



Posted by: Greg Vistica on December 29, 2003

Name 1: Gregory Vistica
Name 2: Amanda Pucic Vistica
Location: Metkovic

Both probably born mid 1800's. Emigrated to USA around 1910, settled in Stockton, CA. Children were Stephen, John, Antionette, and others.



Posted by: Angela Vlasic on April 7, 2001

Name: Vlasic
Location: Bosna Hercegovina

I'm looking for any information I can get on my husbands family - he might have an uncle from his fathers side that is here in the states. The last name is Vlasic - he comes from Bosna Hercegovina place called Sovici, Grude close to Imotski or Split if that helps any.

All I know is that he fled during the war and was never heard from again - there were three other brothers; 2 were killed in the war and my husbands father whose name was Ivan Vlasic was killed when a tractor fell on him - he left behind a wife with child and at the time a 18 month old son and 4 other daughters and 3 other sons. Right now I'm not even sure what the first name of this uncle could be. Oh the place that he comes from is also very close to Medgujorie.

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. Family is very important to me.

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